Side Hustle Report: Shutterstock


I’ve been uploading my photos off and on to Shutterstock since last year, and so far I’ve made about $27* from 61 downloads.

If you use your keywords wisely, Shutterstock is a viable way to make a bit of extra money. I really like the detailed analytics the site offers so that you can see exactly which keywords your downloaders searched for. The parts of the world where your images are being bought is also nice extra info to have.

Screenshot 2018-05-19 13.30.47

*Shutterstock’s minimum payout (to your PayPal account) is $35, so I don’t have the cash in hand yet. This seems to be on the lower end of minimum payout amounts for stock photo platforms, which is sort of nice.

Have you contributed to Shutterstock or any other stock photo platforms?